Security Personnel | Manned Guarding

Security Personnel | Manned Guarding incl. CCTV Monitoring

We truly believe that well-trained security personnel can add value to your organisation and contribute to well-being of your staff. That is why are main focus is on continuous development of our workforce. With a terrorism threat on a raise, we are proud that our security personnel participate in Project Griffin.

project griffin

In addition, all our guards are SIA licenced and undergo screening and vetting process based on British Standards BS7858, which in turn allows us ensuring that our security personnel display high level of trust and integrity.

We believe that criminality can be prevented if security personnel are present, visible and interact with the public simply by asking questions. Guards are key to identifying suspicious behaviour and their presence can often act as deterrent. Out security personnel training include but doesn’t limit to modules such as firearms and weapons attacks, hostile reconnaissance, insider threat, bombs, responding to emergency situations, dealing with threat and aggressive behaviour.

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Did you know that an employer can save on average up to £27,000 a year by creating such a safe workplace and thereby reducing  work-related injuries? We are very proactive and flexible in our approach, collaborating with other security firms and use technology to efficiently and effectively compliment our manned guarding services.

In the past two years, our security personnel has gained necessary experience protecting assets and people in a variety of sectors such as construction, oil and gas, warehousing, retail, service sector and residential premises. We appreciate that every sector faces different challenges and our management is willing to learn more about your requirements.


Manned Guarding

Security Personnel (Site | Premises) incl. CCTV Monitoring

We truly believe in added value our security personnel can bring to your organisation, therefore we want to ensure that all our guards and trained to the highest standards. All our guards are SIA licenced and must go through screening and vetting process based on British Standards BS7858, which in turn allows us ensuring that all our staff displays high level of trust and integrity.
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Vacant Premises Inspections

Vacant Premises Inspections

Ejsmont Security Ltd provides a patrol service where a guard will visit premises a specified number of times each day, at random intervals. While mainly acting as a deterrent, such patrols may provide an acceptable minimum level of security for certain types of empty buildings.
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Mobile Patrol Service
Mobile patrol service is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated on-site security officers. Our patrol services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Frequently, patrol officers are asked to lock and unlock premises, turn lights off, close windows, activate intruder alarms and respond to the alarms when required. They also deter trespassers on your property. Should the need arise, patrol personnel should liaise with emergency services.
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Office Cleaning Services
A neatly maintained building is an important asset to every organization. It reflects who you are and influences how your customers perceive you. Whether in an office or at a construction site, we work with you to provide bespoke solutions that help ensure superior cleaning. We provide professional office cleaning services from small to medium sized businesses in Aberdeen.
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