Careers in Security

Careers in Security

Ejsmont Security Ltd was delighted to attend a recent career event at the University of Aberdeen to promote careers in the security industry.

According to Mintel, the Manned Security sector in the UK is worth £4 billion annually.  Despite recession in the oil and gas industry, security was, still is, and will continue to be a primary consideration for companies often storing machinery worth millions of pounds in their yards.  With this being the case, security will continue to offer exciting and varied career opportunities.

There is a myth amongst many that security guards have to be of a certain build and carry a certain presence in order to ‘scare’.  This could not be more wrong.  Working in corporate security environments requires a different set of skills than those commonly associated with staff working on doors.  Different situations arise in corporate environments from working on doors and security guards have to be adept at dealing with such situations in an appropriate manner given the location and circumstances.

Amongst Ejsmont Security Ltd’s repertoire is manned security protection and mobile patrol for corporate clients including those in the oil and gas industry.  Karol, MD and owner at Ejsmont Security Ltd started his career in the security sector whilst still at university, working as a part-time security officer for some of the most prestigious oil and gas contracts in Aberdeen.  Those clients paid particular attention to health and safety and the welfare of their staff and there was no better place to start your career in the security industry than gaining valuable experience working in those demanding environments.  As well as the usual duties one would expect of a security guard such as monitoring CCTV systems, conducting regular patrols and reporting any unusual occurrences, commonly the job role involved operating the switchboard and answering phone calls out of hours, booking taxis for customers, inducting visitors and contractors and issuing temporary passes.

Karol says, “The security industry has provided me with a great deal of experience, many challenges but also numerous rewards during the last seven years, none more so than in the last two years whist running Ejsmont Security Ltd.  The skills developed in the security industry are invaluable and can be transferred across numerous sectors.”