Planning Event Security

Planning Event Security

When planning event security, it is vital that organisers consider various contingency plans. It is recommended that such plans cover fires, power cuts and medical emergencies.

Key elements to successful incident planning are identifying personnel involved, developing emergency procedures and testing and evaluating various scenarios.

Event organisers should ensure key personnel are aware of their roles and responsibilities and there is a clearly defined chain of command with the most senior personnel managing the incident from a predetermined location on site where appropriate, or off site if necessary. Effective lines of communication are necessary and must be established before the event.

Effective emergency procedures should include the process for reporting the incident, raising the alarm, evacuation if necessary, traffic management and liaising with emergency services. These procedures should be in writing and shared amongst all personnel involved. In the case of a fire for example, ensure personnel are aware of when it is safe to tackle a small fire and when further assistance should be sought.

For events involving members of the public, it might be impossible to undertake full emergency drills, but discussions might take the form of a table top exercise with all personnel.

Our consultants can provide you with an event organiser’s checklist, sample emergency procedures and other materials to ensure you organise your event in a safe manner.

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