Approved Contractor Scheme Review

Approved Contractor Scheme Review

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is undertaking a review of Approved Contractor Scheme. This is a complete review, which will help shape the future of the scheme and the industry as a whole. Ejsmont Security was invited and actively participated in consultations.

This research engages with a range of security businesses, buyers of security, partners (e.g. the police and other law enforcement agencies and local authorities) and stakeholders to capture their views of the present ACS Scheme – for example, its advantages and disadvantages, and how it can be improved.

This is a once-in-a-decade review of the ACS. The survey will close on Wednesday 19 July 2017. Buyers of security are urged to click on the following link and complete the survey:

The Approved Contractor Scheme is reviewed periodically to ensure that it:

  1. continues to serve the needs of security suppliers and buyers, and
  2. identifies any ways in which the Scheme may be improved.

A fundamental review of the scheme is being conducted in partnership with research company Pye Tait. It will look at all aspects of the scheme, including:

  • Benefits – a review of the benefits that the scheme can bring to its members
  • Recognition – ensure approved contractors get proper recognition for meeting high standards
  • A new standard – ensure that the new standard is fit for purpose and reflects best practice
  • Scheme operation – assessment and customer service activities that are fair and transparent

The objective of the SIA’s Approved Contractor scheme is to raise performance standards and to assist the private security industry in developing new opportunities.

The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme is based upon widely recognised business improvement models: ISO9001 and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model™. The Scheme also references the British Standard codes of practice applicable to the private security industry and conformance to the relevant codes is built into the ACS requirements.